What is Ingress?

Ingress is a game mostly played on Mobile (iOS and Android), although there are some desktop-tools. Out in the field, we use our Mobile Scanner.
Location Based
The world is your playground. You visit locations to capture portals. Portals are often Statues, Monuments, Architecture, or other interesting places.
While in the field, you'd best cooperate with your teammates. One of the coolest aspects of Ingress, is the people you meet and become friends with.

There are 2 teams, or Factions. Blue is The Resistance, fighting against the global mind-control by the green team. By working together, we can win!
To interact with portals, you must physically be within 40m of range from it. Therefor, most time spent playing is outside, having adventures on foot.
As with any teamplay-based game, Strategy is very important. Cooperation and preparation are essential to any operation.

Capture Portals
Portals are to be captured by you and your team. After that, they can be linked into (mindcontrol protecting) fields. This helps the Resistance to give our opressor a strong fight back.
Destroy Portals
If an enemy player has captured a portal, you'll have to destroy it and capture it back. After it has been recaptured, other people will visit it and make it stronger.
The fight for our future is world-wide and real-time! You can check scores per person, per faction, per region, or globally.

No matter which part of The Netherlands you are from, we can get you in touch with your local teammates! Check out the map of local communities at http://theresistance.nl
Download Ingress
Android: PlayStore
iOS: AppStore
Ingress Bootcamp
The unofficial guide to L8.
A free PDF with in-depth information about gameplay, game-mechanics and optimizing the way you play: